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• Increases Weight
• Enriches coats with a deep and lustrous gloss and encourages dappling
• Strengthens and stimulates healthy hoof growth

Reg no. V18727 Wet/ Act 36/1947



• Increases Weight
• Enriches coats with a deep and lustrous gloss and encourages dappling
• Strengthens and stimulates healthy hoof growth

Ingredient Statement:
Fenugreek seed, Garlic flakes, Rosehips, Deep Sea Kelp, Nettle and Calendula petals.

Directions for use:

The following suggested dosages should not be exceeded. Mixed well into daily food. 30ml scoop is equivalent to 15 grams

Horse: 4 scoops (50g)
Pony: 2 ½ scoops (30g)

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1,5kg, 6kg, 12kg

8 reviews for Fenu’shine

  1. Joanna Lister

    Based on Jennie’s recommendation we started one of our older livery mares on Fenushine. She has always been a fussy eater and her condition where we would like it. Within 3 days of starting her on the Fenushine her appetite improved immensely, to the extent that she is often the first to finish her nose bag of feed. She is definitely feeling better within herself and I am sure that we will see her condition blossoming. Thank you for a wonderful product.

    • Admin

      Thanks so much for the feedback Joanna, so glad Fenu’shine helped your older livery so quickly, wonderful to hear!

  2. Amy Ratcliffe

    Fenushine is my absolute go to product, my ponies look amazing on it ❤️❤️thank you for such an amazing product

    • Melissa Maeder

      Thank you so much for your review Amy! Wonderful to hear your ponies are thriving on Fenu’shine!

  3. Talita

    I adopted a bay roan gelding and had such a big strugle with him to gain weight , his coat was dull and in terrible state . After a short while he got a shine on his coat and his weight started picking up ( i wish i could post a picture ) thanks to the team for the advise and recomendations. Loving the product and so afordable

    • Melissa Maeder

      Wow, that is fantastic! Thrilled to hear you’ve had great results, thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Lorraine Stuttard

    Used on my horse, amongst other products by Jo Lister in Tulbach. Forest is there with her. His coat and general condition are looking great. His hooves, which we struggled with for ever and a day are looking amazing and there is beautiful new growth. After he moved there all these products helped with the change over and helped maintain weight etc 🦄❤️🐴

    • Melissa Maeder

      That is so great to hear he is doing well on Fenu’shine! Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, Lorraine.

  5. Karin Kumbier-Wainwright

    When I feel my horse needs a boost Fenu’Shine is my go too product. Everything a horse needs to promote a healthy shiny coat. I am always getting compliments on how great my horse looks.

    • Melissa Maeder

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Karin! We’re happy to hear that Fenu’shine has improved your horse’s condition.

  6. Hestie Van Niekerk (verified owner)

    I bought a OTTB
    His colour is black but he was very faded within 3 week I could see a diffrence
    This product is amazing he is all black again

    • Melissa Maeder

      Thank you for sharing this with us, Hestie – happy to hear that you’ve had great results with Fenu’shine.

  7. Mariann

    From dull thin coat to shiny thick soft coat, this product worked fantastically. Thankyou Honeyvale for your expert help and amazing products.

    • Melissa Maeder

      Thank you for the feedback Mariann, great to hear!

  8. Barbi Pulvenis

    I used fenushine on my big boy RA when I first got him and the transformation was amazing. His coat even though it wasn’t dull went from shining to him having dapples. I used to buy it every month but then I couldn’t afford it due to unforeseen circumstances. I still recommend your products to friends

    • Admin2

      That is so great to hear! Thank you for your feedback, Barbi.

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