Chaste Tree Berries

Chaste tree berries are an excellent hormone balancer. When combined in a blend with the nervine herbs it is very helpful for “PMS” moody type mares, or for overly aggressive stallions. Used straight, they’re also very popular with many horse owner who find them helpful for settling their geldings show rig-like behaviour. Generally though for mares and stallions, our registered blend of hormone regulating and calming herbs (Hormon-Ease) is the most effective option.

It’s hormone balancing properties also make it essential to include in Cushing’s Disease support blends. Read our full article on Herbal Support for Cushing’s Disease for info on additional supportive herbs. You’re welcome to contact us to formulate a custom blend for Cushing’s Disease for both horses and dogs, on special request.


Horse:       1 heaped scoop daily (15g/30ml)

Pony:         ½ scoop daily (8g/12-15ml)

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