Chia Seed

A fuss free alternative rich source of Omega 3 to linseed, with the convenience of it not needing to be freshly crushed prior to feeding in order to enhance digestibility.

Chia seeds are rich in:

  • Rich in Caffeic acid.  An antioxidant which reduces inflammation.
  • Quercetin. An antioxidant which is effective in reducing the inflammation that occurs during allergic responses, and protects against cancers.
  • Phenolic compounds. Potent antioxidants, which prevent cellular oxidation and disease.
  • Mucilage. Water-soluble fibre, which holds water 27 times its own weight. Add water to chia seeds to form a gel.
  • Kaempferol. An anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant flavonoid.
  • High-quality protein. Supports the production of keratin, which strengthens hooves and hair.
  • Copper and Zinc. Helps to balance out the high iron commonly found in South African forages, which further enhance hoof, skin and immune health.

Chia seeds benefits for horses include: 

  • Balances the metabolism, provides weight management for both hard and easy keepers
  • Easing joint and muscle pain
  • Ulcer prevention and cure
  • Sand colic prevention due to their high mucilage content
  • Allergy relief — both skin and respiratory
  • Metabolic conditions, including insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease (modulates insulin spikes)
  • Healthy hooves and coat
  • Relieving chronic inflammation
  • Stabilising immune response


Horse      50 – 150g daily

Pony        25 – 90g daily

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