Rebound Arthritis Relief

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Reg No V 26973 Act 36/1947

Rebound Arthritis Relief is a blend containing herbs, and nature-identical substances, that are nutritionally used in order to relieve inflammation and pain in joints and to improve circulation.

Ingredient Statement:
Devil’s Claw, Deep Sea Kelp, Meadowsweet, Gingko leaf, Gotu Kola, Rosehips, Turmeric, MSM and Glucosamine HCL.

Directions for use:

Mixed well into daily meal:

Small dogs:
5ml/2½ g per day = 1 scoop

Medium dogs:
10ml/ 5g per day = 2 scoops

Large dogs:
20ml/10g per day =4 scoops

Do not feed to dogs under 6 months or to pregnant bitches.
Consult your veterinarian on the combined use of the product with other medicines as there may be possible interactions that could affect the efficacy of the treatment.

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500g, 1kg, 5kg

2 reviews for Rebound Arthritis Relief

  1. Talita

    This is a must have for any horse who suffers from arthritis.
    My mare is doing so well she had mild arthritis and could not always keep up with the heard now she is trotting up a storm when its time to go out to pasture . Love this product !

  2. Jo Lister

    several years ago my rescue Ridgeback started showing the side effects typically seen in irresponsibly bred dogs. Being young, I didnt want to start her on pharmaceutical drugs which have several side effects. within a week of being on rebound, she regained so much energy and mobility. We have been on it ever since for 3 month cycles and recommended breaks. I now have 2 dogs on it. Certainly gives them much better quality of life – highly recommended

    • Admin2

      Stories like this make us so incredibly happy! Thank you for sharing your story with us, we appreciate it.

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