Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

A rich source of curcumin and other powerful antioxidants, this golden root is highly anti-inflammatory and full of tissue protective anti-oxidants. Only the root of this plant is used, and different sub species of Turmeric contain varying curcumin percentages. We select the highest percentage curcumin content from our importer’s as possible, and preferably certified organic.

This is a versatile and helpful herb for many health issues. It’s one of the best herbs to supplement for any chronic pain issue, not least of all arthritis. It’s an essential herb in our Flex-Ease joint support blend, combined with synergistic herbs.

This herb also has a strong affinity with the circulatory system and strengthens liver function, which makes it a useful herb to include for digestive support. Turmeric root is also traditionally regarded as an anti-tumour agent.

Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effectiveness is enhanced by the addition of 2-3% finely ground black pepper (Piper nigrum), and made into a paste with oil. This paste is called Golden paste, and was developed by Dr. Doug English, a vet. For the original Golden paste recipe as well as a lot more info on Turmeric’s uses, visit his website here.

This herb has the ability to chelate excess iron out of the body, and is an extremely safe supplement to include in the diet. If your horse’s coat has been dulled because of excess iron in the diet, using a combination of Turmeric with Fenu’shine and pure Rosehips is recommended to encourage a rich dark glossy coat. For use as a chelating agent, it isn’t necesary to make Golden paste.


Horses:          2 scoops (35g/50ml) daily

Ponies:           1 scoop (17,5g/25ml) daily


Small: 2.5g /2.5ml daily

Medium: 2.5g /2.5ml daily

Large: 7.5g/7.5ml daily

Giant: 10g/10ml daily

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