An incredible powerful natural antibiotic, recommended to keep on hand in the first aid kit. Propolis a natural product made by bees using resins, pollens and essential oils.  Bees make it to line their hives and seal out contaminants.  Propolis is antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal and is very safe. If necessary, conventional antibiotics may be used in combination with propolis, as propolis will strengthen the action of the conventional antibiotic, without causing any additional side effects. Use the powder (5 – 10g daily) or tincture (3ml daily) internally.  As a herbal antibiotic, an 50:50 equal mix with calendula tincture is very effective, and can be further enhanced in combination with colloidal silver.

Externally, propolis tincture is excellent for use on wounds to encourage healing and staunch bleeding. When exposed to air, a thin layer of a good quality propolis tincture applied over a wound may at first feel a little sticky, but then it quickly dries to form a smooth and elastic protective seal over the top of the wound. This helps to seal out and kill any infections and encourages healing. Use it neat or in a 50:50 dilution rate with pure calendula tincture as a flushing liquid for deep wounds.

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