Sea Salt 

What makes Honeyvale Herb’s natural sea salt so acceptable to both horses and Cape Town’s best chef’s alike? 

Pure hand harvested sea salt from the Atlantic. Sourced from an underground seawater aquifer carrying pristine 400yr old brine and naturally filtered through deep shell beds, our sea salt is unspoilt by pollution and slightly higher in calcium content than ordinary sea salt due to natural siphoning through shell beds.

Hand harvesting and solar drying keeps our salt as pristine and environmentally friendly as possible, as there are no residues left by fossil fuel powered equipment. Our natural sea salt has a low moisture absorption rate, so does not require any anti-caking agents or artificial chemicals.

By comparison, industrial salt manufacturers use a tremendous amount of fossil fuel energy with the mechanical harvesting, boiling and crushing processes used, and traces can affect the salt’s purity. Also, industrial “table” salt  commonly produced is 99,9% refined sodium chloride, with chemical agents added to it in order to keep the salt dry and free flowing.

The slightly higher calcium content and purity of our salt give it a unique flavour,  which is often preferred by horses than other salts.

Maintenance dosages for horses and ponies not in work:

Horses: *50g daily (for horses not in work)

Ponies: *30g daily (not in work)

*In hard work and hot weather, daily dosages may be safely doubled in order to help meet your horse’s daily sodium requirements.

It’s also recommended to keep an shallow dish of clean salt available to the horse where they may help themselves free choice when required, as even doubling up their salt dosage may not cover their daily requirements at times. Studies have shown that not all horses choose to lick salt from free choice sources, as some will refuse it even when they are needing it, so it’s still recommended to add salt to their feed daily in order to meet their minimum daily requirements.

Natural sea salt contains a vast array of trace minerals, in minute quantities but all in a bio-available form.

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