Glucosamine sulphate

Glucosamine sulphate is traditionally used for building cartilage and maintaining joint mobility, and for helping to relieve joint pain.

It’s a natural substance made from the exoskeletons of marine crustacea.

Studies have shhown it works synergistically with herbal joint anti-inflammatories to provide even greater joint pain relief, which is why it is included in our arthritis support blends for horses (Arthro-Ease and Rosi-Flex) and Rebound Arthritis Relief for dogs.

Average Glucosamine Sulphate dosages:

Hard-working horses can be maintained on the loading dose.

Loading dose:        10g per day for 2 weeks
Maintenance:         6g per day

Loading dose:        7g per day for 2 weeks
Maintenance:         4g per day

Small – 2.5g daily
Medium: 5g daily
Large: 7.5g daily
Giant: 10g daily


Glucosamine sulphate can interact with certain drugs such as Warfarin, and some chemotherapy and diabetes treatments. Please consult with your veterinarian regarding any possible drug interactions before supplementing your pet with Glucosamine sulphate.

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