MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Honeyvale Herbs MSM is a pure pharmaceutical grade Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM).

MSM is a nature identical substance, it’s found in the growing tips of plants, particularly in those close to marine environments. It was discovered by the Russians as an aid to speeding post exercise recovery, and was included in their strategy for their Olympic athletes.

MSM is mainly used for maintaining joint mobility and speeding tissue repair, which is why it was included in our joint support blends for horses (Rosi-Flex and Arthro-Ease) and dogs (Rebound).

Studies have shown it is also helpful for allergies as it moderates white blood cell production and protects against oxidative stress. MSM is ideal to use in combination with Skin Itch Relief for skin allergies, or Breathe-Ease for respiratory allergies.

It’s also had promising results in studies on animal colitis, and is believed to support mucous membranes. MSM may be safely used in combination with Ulcer-Ease ( for equine gastric ulcers) or Slippery Elm for dogs with irritable bowel disorder (IBD).

Average dosages:

Horses: 15 g daily as maintenance, and may be safely doubled during intensive exercise.

Ponies: 10 g daily as maintenance, and may be safely doubled during intensive exercise.

Small – 2.5g daily
Medium: 5g daily
Large: 7.5g daily
Giant: 10g daily

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