Nettle (Urtica dioica, U. urens)

Nettle is a known as the blood tonic herb, and is rich in natural Vitamin C, so is very useful for treating anaemia along with Rosehips.

It is also a powerful blood cleanser and diuretic, so was an essential herb to include in our highly effective Liver & Blood Tonic.

It also improves circulation and is a mild anti-inflammatory, so is a must to include in herbal joint support blends blends, such as Flex-Ease and Rosi-Flex.

Nettles have a dramatic effect in improving hoof and coat condition, often causing an abundance of dapples rippling under gleaming coats! nFor this reason it was included in the ver popular Fenu’shine blend.


Horse:            20-30g/75-125ml daily

Pony:              10-15g/37.5-50ml daily

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